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Missions are tasks that players complete for progression in the story and/or rewards. Reputation with various groups can be impacted by completing different missions.

Campaign Missions[]

These missions are part of the main story-line within the game.

Finding Juno[]

First Relinquary Piece[]

  • Scan the location
  • Defeat attacking pirates
  • Retrieve the piece

Back to Finding Juno[]

  • Meet Zenya Kerr
  • Make a deal / Capture Juster
  • Fight Zenya Kerr / the DoubleJack compound
  • Meet with Juno

Second System[]

Second Relinquary Piece[]

  • Meet Voris
  • ID Chip
  • Lightborne Sactuary
  • Meet with Juno
  • Find Hexxite

Side Missions[]

Side missions can be obtained from the mission board on a space-station.

They can include:

  • Simple seeming delivery missions between stations or systems.
  • Seeking and destroying bounty targets.
  • Dead Drops, which is collecting cargo and returning it to the stations.
  • Helping certain factions (depending on which station you are docked) with protection or elimination of targets.